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How to kill a “holla” … with ease

***** Admin Note ***** Because we really love you all and listen to you … here is another post based off of a skribit suggestion.  Keep suggestiong topic using the little tool on the site … we do listen. Also … the survey is done with. Thanks to everyone who completed the survey … and […]

Are your bags too heavy?

I think the advice is pretty standard that too many bags can cause you problems in your future.  People have all types of bags.  They have bags when it comes to communicating.  Maybe in a past relationship whenever they tried to communicate verbally to someone they were met with an aggressive confrontational response that has […]

The Nugget: The Magical Re-appearing ex

This isn’t about chicken nuggets or gold nuggets or even the Denver Nuggets.  It’s about something far less valuable.  You know that little teeny weeny itty bitty little nugget that just won’t go away?  No matter how many times you flush it, it just won’t go away.  It just keeps coming right back up.  For […]

How’s it Going Down?: Who is she creeping with?

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pT26db1f03c] Wise words being quoted, “B*tch you f*cking him!” All men are built with the impeccable talent to find a way to explain why every guy is trying to take his girl down. Why? Because I’m a man. As Tony Yayo said, “p*ssy is p*ssy, so yea I hit that.” Some of you guys are […]

Slim’s Signs of Craziness

I was reflecting this past weekend on women of relationships past and how awful my decision-making process used to be when it came to selection. As I said in a previous post, I often confused my wants and my needs. I don’t think I ever wanted or needed crazy and deceitful, but I managed to […]

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