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Could Your Friends Be Holding You Back?

I heard this theory about how parents are inherently flawed in the fact that they never encourage you to truly chase your dreams. Yes, they may encourage you to chase a dream, but if it’s outside the realm of an attainable and realistic goal they are likely to tell you to try something else. When […]

8 Things We Blow Money Fast On

As an adult I have earned the right to spend my discretionary funds on whatever I please. For some reason, we just don’t like anyone telling us what to do with our money. That’s not to say I don’t spend money on some frivolous items. There are some nights, days, and items that I’ve purchased […]

Is Anybody Real in Hip Hop Anymore?

There’s always a big discussion around who’s real and who’s fake in Hip Hop. I’m asking, does it really matter? I’ve always considered Hip Hop to be for entertainment purposes only. In a few weeks, I’ll tackle how Hip Hop’s global imprint causes problems for the way Black people are viewed by the world. However […]

Has Emo Rap Gone a Little Too Far?

There was a time in this country where all you heard on the radio was Gangsta Rap.  Thank the Lord that’s over.  I can appreciate  Gangsta Rap as much as the next guy, but it was just a little depressing after a while.  After Biggie and Tupac died it was obvious that people actually started […]

What you need to do, so I know it’s real

Any type of relationship has its challenges. Whether its personal or professional, you know how to separate the frivolous relationships from the pertinent ones. The easiest question to ask is “how?”. How do I know this friendship isn’t a swindle? How can I tell whether my boss cares about my career path or is a […]

I Love Chelsea Handler

Let me preface this post by saying this will be more ignorant than Rza. For those of you who don’t listen to Kanye West or hip-hop, because I know most of you roll together, Rza makes that track when he says, “Champagne wishes and thirty white b*tches!”  One time me and my boy are hanging […]

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