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The Good Girl Dilemma

One of the more interesting things I’ve noticed over the past few years has been the particular set of struggles and tribulations experienced by women whose moral code is the most influencing factor in their love life. These are women who desire romantic connections as deeply as anyone else but who also have a strict […]

Should Women Carry Condoms

Source: National Survey of S*xual & Health Behavior – Indiana University A couple quick statistics before we begin: 1 in 4 people in monogamous relationships reported using condoms 1 in 3 singles reported using condoms So, should women carry condoms? Or do they already? Whose responsibility is it to provide the protection? Why the hell are […]

There Goes My Hero

For most of my life I’ve not been the type of person given to being particularly emotional. I cry at neither weddings or funerals, I rarely lose my temper, and rarely am I happy to the point of jubilation or sad to the point of depression. Feelings and emotions for me have always been completely […]

How to Survive Dating a Crazy Woman

  Ladies, I was going to try to placate any anger you might have by titling this post How to Survive a Crazy Relationship but let’s keep it real, I don’t date men. Therefore the term ‘Crazy Relationship,’ while all inclusive and less antagonistic, is simply not accurate. Please note that this post is not […]

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