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For Women: The DIY Dating Style

After watching a dating segment on Bethenny (don’t judge), I became perplexed by the amount of dating rules discussed. There was one rule in particular that sent my eyebrows into a fury. The two female panelists suggested that after a man’s initial text, a woman should wait at least four hours before responding! Hmmm… I […]

7 Guidelines to A Successful Summer Fling

  I certainly never planned to be in this position. Actually, I did. I followed the advice of a close friend who told me that after April it really made no sense to get into anything too serious because the summer was coming and at that point it’d be a better dating pool. Does that […]

The Obligations of Holiday Dating

The holidays are quickly approaching. Thanksgiving in a couple days, Black Friday after that, Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hanukkah, and then New Years. The holiday season can be great. I mean let’s think about it. You have less days to do work (hopefully). You’ll probably get at least 1 gift unless you’re just a terrible human being. And, you […]

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