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The One That Got Away

Brother Dr.J’s cautionary tale of when simping goes wrong inspired me to tell you guys a story too. I can relate to J’s plight of simping on a woman for far too long, but that’s not what today’s story is about. I feel J more than sufficiently addressed that topic. Instead, I want to talk […]

It’s Never Ok to Compliment a Woman

You might be familiar with the fact that Obama recently had to apologize for calling a woman attractive, but in case you don’t know the full story, during a Democratic National Committee fundraising lunch in Atherton, California, President Barack Obama called California Attorney General Kamala Harris the “best-looking” attorney general in the country. His exact quote: […]

Why Are White People So Happy?

For centuries the overwhelmingly optimistic happiness of white people has perplexed the masses. I too was confused, but fortunately, I live somewhere that is awash with people of European descent. Therefore, like the great explorers before me, such as Christopher Columbus and – insert list of other explorers here as I never really paid attention in history class – […]

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