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If I Ruled the world …

Coming up with ways to inform and entertain within a few words can be hard.  Sometimes when I’m working hard on a post … I have to sit back and relax.  As I breathe deeply and let my creative juices flow … sometimes my mind wanders.  Sometimes … I fantasize about Toccarra (yes … Tocarra) […]

Rantings of an SBM

Another week … another Friday … another set of rantings Its been a looooooonngggggg ass week.  The job ranks #1 in the list of causes for this.  The blog hasn’t caused too much drama as of late … seems like people are learning to get along.  Go figure. Comments been going crazy.  171, 400+, 200+, […]

Thursday Feature: It’s Still Tricking If You Got It

Every once in awhile you stumble across something and find yourself saying “Damn … were we separated at birth!”.  That’s how I felt when I came across the blog of Mr. Swagger.  While the comments section has shown me that there are other fellow simp slayers out there … it’s always refreshing when someone takes […]

Rantings of a Single Black Male

Every once in awhile I need to vent and get some things off my chest. So … here is my rant. I think my hatred for simping has increased. I understand “different strokes for different folks” … but f*ck that. It has ripple affects throughout the whole “dating economy” and I don’t think there is […]

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