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You Can’t Always Save the Damsel

  Joy: “I met someone else.” I read and re-read the words plastered across my mobile. We weren’t in the middle of a conversation. We hadn’t even talked in weeks, yet I wasn’t surprised by this message’s arrival. These were serious words. Not only because of their meaning but because of the “rules” we had […]

There Goes My Hero

For most of my life I’ve not been the type of person given to being particularly emotional. I cry at neither weddings or funerals, I rarely lose my temper, and rarely am I happy to the point of jubilation or sad to the point of depression. Feelings and emotions for me have always been completely […]

Bedroom Shenanigans

I like s*x. S*x makes me feel great. I probably think about it at least 30 times a day (more like 100) and each thought is usually different than the previous. There are so many positions and scenarios that run through my dirty mind that I could make a female psychic blush, giggle, and cut […]

We Off That

I’ve been pressing all week to write this post. You see…this post falls on a special day for me. Scorpio season has returned, and it’s your favorite October Scorpios’ bornday! As I reflect on my time on this Earth, I see a maturity and overall evolution as a man. I also noticed a shift in […]

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