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Prototypes of Beauty

“Man … she’s sexy as hell” “What are you talking about … she’s OK” “She got a$$, perfect breasts, and some sexy legs” “Her face is jacked, and she just got on some low cut stuff showing her titties off” “You telling me you wouldn’t smash?” “Yeah … but I wouldn’t let her set foot […]

SBM College Fund

**Admin Notes** There is a new poll out.  What do you think of “Video Girls (Hoes to some)”? Also, you can now follow the stupid things I think throughout the day by watching my twitter feed.  Its published on the side of my site for everyone to watch.  Enjoy … ***End*** I personally am a […]

Reasons to take of your ring

So with the last post, several people argued that there is never a real reason for you to take off your wedding ring. What! Never take off your wedding ring? Thats craziness. So as a young unmarried bachelor, I have looked into my future and come up with SBM’s list of: When you can take […]

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