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Summertime pt.5: Where dey do that at?!

Where Dey Do Dat At? Roscoes Chicken + Waffles. SMFH As the extended spring summer draws to its close, it’s time for me to vent. I’ve seen some beautiful cities and countries this summer. Unfortunately, I’ve also seen some wild, crazy, and disrespectful actions over the last few weeks. This caused me to think to […]

Summertime part 2: The Men-Women Rosetta Stone

**************** Editors Note: The Woman list presented was taken from Facebook/email forwards I received. The Men list I created myself. Some people didn’t see the acknowledgement in the comments, so I’m placing it here. Cool? Cool. All for your enjoyment! Carry on… – Streetz ******************** Language is the most dynamic aspect of human interaction. We […]

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