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Can You Love God & Sex?

I have a confession to make, the readers really drive content on the site.  As a writer at SingleBlackMale.org, I can tell you most people read a post one time, but they’ll read the comments many times over.  And in our minds we’re able to classify our readers into several categories, so it’s no surprise […]

Are Modern Men Too Lazy to Court

The digital age. What a great time to be alive. Everything has gotten faster, smaller, easier but in some aspects, have things gotten too easy? In this instance, I’m referring to dating, especially for men. I had an interesting revelation the other day but I’ll get to that in a minute. I don’t know about […]

Women Love S*x, I Think…

Website: http://www.WisdomIsMisery Twitter: @WisdomIsMisery Women put a lot of emphasis on s*x. I’m not here to debate about who thinks about s*x more but I know for a fact that women think more about the intimacy of s*x WAAAY more. For example, I’ve never had a discussion with one of my homeboys about “making love” […]

Some Things Are Better Than S*x

Having an orgasm is cool, but sometimes there’s more to life than busting a fat one. Don’t get me wrong, I love to get my horizontal reggae wrestle on and thunderclap that a$$ on a fairly regular basis once I find someone that makes me wanna repeatedly tickle their fancy and push the juice dispenser […]

Where? There.

With enough persistence, a guy can talk his girl into just about anything in between the sheets.  It’s no secret that it’s not that women won’t do certain things in bed, it’s just that she has to feel comfortable with the person she’s doing it with.  The right guy can have a woman doing all […]

The Worst I Ever Had

**** Admin Note **** While SBM is still running around Europe with a backpack and whatever money he can grab out the ATM … enjoy the continued stylings of Cashmere Jones. – SBM ************* Its summertime and sun dresses and sandals are back in full force. The ladies are sporting the results of that winter […]

Ladies Love Good D…or Face?

*** Admin Note *** Today, Tuesday, April 13, 2010, from 530-10pm at Sutra Lounge in Adam’s Morgan at 2406 18th Street NW, Dr. J will be one of several DC-area bloggers hosting a happy hour organized by Elevated Entertainment and Usual Suspectz. Come and finally put a face to Dr. J, support the SBM family, […]

What makes s*x good … for a man?

Look across the great wide internet … and you will find women talking about the chexual capability of men to your left and right. Discussions of girth vs. length vs. “the motion in the ocean” have caused more beef than the Hutu’s and the Tutsi.  Women love to talk about who and what is good […]

Can You Make My Bed Rock?

***Admin Note*** Today is the conclusion of our Venting Week.  I know for many of our female readers (and we love ya’ll in a let me get in them guts special way and had no desire to hurt you … but sometimes we gotta let it out.  Thanks for sticking it out … and I’ll […]

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