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Technology Assisted Dating

Today’s guest post is from a writer from across the pond. I’m sure he thinks Americans are <redacted>, so be sure to prove him wrong by showing him some love in the comment section below. LOL! Welcome today’s post from Ian Forrester. Enjoy! ********* I live in Manchester, no not Manchester Alabama, Georgia or anywhere […]

Has Technology Made Us Lazy?

Have you ever seen those commercials where it’s like a teenager dies in a car accident and at the end there’s a statement like, “Don’t be afraid to speak up.”  As if the kid knew that they were in danger and didn’t speak up because of peer pressure.  Have you ever felt that way driving […]

Online Dating: Wave of the future.

Its 2008.  There is technology available to us and ingrained into our daily lives that our grandparents could never have dreamed of … all of it greatly effecting the way we date and love in the 21st century. Now you have cell phones, giving use 24 hour access to your boo.  There is GPS tracking […]

Embracing Technology

One of my good friends in the blogosphere, Comeback Girl, canceled her text messaging plan because she felt that it was ruining her dating life. In a humorous “prank” call (I call it a prank cause it was funny and ludicrous), she let the rep know that apparently men text messaging her was in violation […]

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