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Cuffin’ Season Tips: Phone Etiquette

It’s Cuffin’ Season people!!! Cuffin’ Season – Running from the Tuesday after Labor Day until first day of Spring, it’s the time when people shack up with a person just for the purposes of not being lonely in the colder months. Furlough days of Cuffin’ Season include; Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and birthdays. (Not everybody gets […]

The Twenty Step Guide to Drunk Texting

Every so often we get to partying and we end up having a couple more drinks than we planned. As adults, we get to the point where we know how to drink responsibly, but like they say, “I didn’t go looking for trouble, trouble found me.” When that trouble is in the form of an […]

When to Call It Quits

The following chat was re-created with the assistance of one of my boys and is between him and one of his lady friends that hopefully doesn’t read this blog. Real names have been removed to protect the innocent and shady. Kat: Sooo, I may have ODed last weekend… Rich: Did you cheat on Leon? Kat: […]

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