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[VIDEO] The Majors: Where Hip Hop Meets Fantasy Sports (Trailer)

From JasFly: The MAJORS is fantasy game play meets Hip Hop. Executive Produced by JasFly, this new webseries features several talented people including blogger LowKey, Brand Ambassador Isis Arias, Journalist/MC Mr. Mecc, Entertainment Executive Jamal Jimoh, Writer/Journalist Tracy Garraud, Hip Hop sketch comedians Eric & Jeff Rosenthal, veteran MC Peter Gunz and three-time Grammy winning Producer Just Blaze. This looks dope! I’m very interested to see how this […]

White Girls [Video]

***NOTE***  There is a new poll question.  Interracial dating anyone? **** [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdI-JLTE5l4] I don’t know what made me suddenly remember this BET Uncut classic … but this video was played for years on the show. Who can forget the hook … White girlllllllllls, (Suzy,Jen, and Karen) Going through my miiiiiind, (Sarah, Jesse and Julie, too) […]

Something New

So I was roaming around youtube and found this clip off an NBC news segment about interracial dating. [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j30aP2sg2ms] Apparently women are finding opening more and more to interracial dating.  One big motivator is that there is just a lack of “good men” at the higher rungs of the corporate ladder for these successful black […]

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