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I Hate Weaves – Part Deaux

About a year and a half ago, I wrote a post.  There was something bubbling within me and I had to release it.  A black bubbly hatred that was sure to soon consume me. I dropped “I Hate Weaves” It was an innocent post.  I had one goal with that post: tell the story of […]

I Hate Weaves!

SBM: “I don’t think I can take it anymore!” Minnie (My good female friend): “What’s wrong now?” SBM: “All these weaves on girls.  Look at that chic … ugh!” Minnie: “What?  What’s wrong with it?” SBM: “It just looks fake.  Besides … I hate weaves and all they stand for.” Minnie: “Are you black?” SBM: […]

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